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PURLINE organic flooring wineo 1000

The demand for a natural and healthy environment, especially within one's own four walls, is high. This is where wineo's healthy organic flooring is at the right place.

Beautifully designed for your home!

All too often, our everyday life is hectic and stressful. This is precisely why we all need somewhere to recharge: Our home, our sanctuary, somewhere, where we can relax  and feel good. There is no rule that says your interior – and your flooring – cannot reflect a certain ambition. Why shouldn’t it be eco‐friendly, long‐lasting, multi‐purpose and without compromise in design; a representation of your own personal style? With PURLINE organic flooring from wineo we strive to satisfy your every wish and desire! We manufacture PURLINE with a great deal of care and attention to detail. Made from the best that nature has to offer and an acute awareness to design and quality, PURLINE offers only the best for your.

For the first time, PURLINE organic flooring is available for domestic use as a utilization class 32. PURLINE wineo 1000 is as durable as it is sustainable. Whether you prefer oak or pine, concrete or marble, with a choice of 20 stylish wood and 8 classic stone designs, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

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Klick with wineo 1000. This flooring is perfect for renovations.

Suitable for damp areas

In the kitchen or bathroom: PURLINE organic flooring shows its best side in every situation.

Suitable for underfloor heating

More comfort: Installed over underfloor heating, the organic flooring provides additional cozy warmth.

Warm to the feet

The organic flooring feels pleasantly warm and is perfect for lounging, playing and living.

Easy care

The polyurethane surface makes the organic flooring easy to clean.

Gentle to the ankles

Health-conscious: The elastic surface is gentle on the joints.


The tested surface ensures safety with every step.


Even when exposed to sunlight: The organic flooring doesn't fade with exposure to sunlight.


wineo organic flooring is resistant to staining. Even furniture and chair castors leave no trace.

To glue or to click

wineo 1000 now provides the sustainability flooring not only for gluing, but also for clicking in with the proven connect technology or  innovatively as a Multi-Layer with  Fold-Down locking. And that means maximum flexibility for every home.

  • installed quickly thanks to  Fold-Down or Connect locking systeme
  • odor neutral
  • no dirty hands
  • can be used right away
  • easy to remove