Create your perfect finish with wineo accessories.

The perfect finish

The whole look of your installed flooring can only be rounded off when you incorporate the matching accessories for wineo laminate and design flooring. Skirting boards or base boards tailored to the decor are the perfect decorative finish and cover the expansion gap required between the floor covering and wall. We offer a wide range of skirting boards for laminate flooring and are certain that we have something that will suit you perfectly.

Profiles featuring a wood or metal look are the perfect transition to other floor coverings. Transition profiles are an important element of floor installation and should not be disregarded.

Another essential accessory is matching underlay material, which not only reduces footfall noise but also protects the flooring against moisture from below. We offer a vapour barrier for all hard floor coverings (laminate, parquet etc.) as well as footfall sound insulation to improve room acoustics.

Just talk to your specialist wineo supplier to find the perfect accessory for every requirement.

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wineo insulationBOARD 7 m²
wineo insulationBOARD Holzfaserplatte Die starke Dämmplatte für den Profi...
wineo noiseREDUCT SD 16,5 m²
wineo noiseREDUCT SD Unterlagsmatte Die einfache Matte zur...
Wineo Combi-Dichtband, 50 m x 50 mm
wineo Combi-Dichtband Spezialklebeband zum Abdichten der Stoßkanten von...
Wineo Dämmmatte noiseREDUCT 16,5 m²
wineo noiseREDUCT Unterlagsmatte Die einfache Matte zur Geräuschreduzierung...
wineo soundPROTECT SD 8 m²
Unterlagsmatte soundPROTECT SD | 2 mm Die Alleskönner mit...
wineo soundPROTECT 8 m²
Unterlagsmatte soundPROTECT | 2 mm Die Alleskönner mit Long-Life-Performance...
wineo silentPLUS
wineo silentPLUS Unterlagsmatte Das Plus an Ruhe für die vollflächige...
wineo soundPROTECT Profi SD 5,5 m²
Unterlagsmatte soundPROTECT PROFI SD | 3 mm Die Alleskönner mit...
wineo soundPROTECT Profi 5,5 m²
Unterlagsmatte soundPROTECT PROFI | 3 mm Die Alleskönner mit...
wineo noisePROTECT SD 15 m²
wineo noisePROTECT SD Unterlagsmatte Der zuverlässige Schutz zur...
wineo noisePROTECT 15 m²
wineo noisePROTECT Unterlagsmate Der zuverlässige Schutz zur...
Wineo PE-Dampfbremse 30 m², 125my, B2
Die PE Dampfbremse ist eine Trennfolie, die vor der Verlegung eines...
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