wineo Aluminiumprofile

PERFECT FIT aluminium profiles

Aluminium profile for gluing and screwing

Profiles for clean finishes and transitions

The gap bridges

Whether between floor coverings of different heights, at the transition to the sliding door or at the edge of the stairs, gaps can hardly be avoided when laying floorings.

They are never good! It is easy for dirt to collect here, and if the edges of the floor covering are exposed, damage can quickly occur anyway. This looks unattractive and impairs safety, as gaps are potential trip hazards. In order to create clean transitions, the professional therefore reaches for the profile.

The aluminium profiles from wineo range of accessories are stable, durable and extremly light. Available in the colour silver, brass and stainless steel, they blend into all floor colour worlds. The first choice of profile for the DIY enthusiast are self-adhesive variants, which enable clean and quick installation in just a few minutes. Professionals use profiles to screw tight.


»Particularly in renovations, existing floor coverings often surpass the maximum technical height of standard profiles. Here, the professional adjusts the profile to the required installation height with a so-called elevation block. «

André, specialist for skirting boards and profiles

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