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Skirting boards

Matching skirting boards for every decor for the perfect finish.

wineo Skirting boards

A neat finish to the walls using skirting boards is not only an optical benefit and particularly practical for hiding unsightly cables. It also results in an optimally closed surface, which is easy to clean and protects the wall from dirt and impact.

The wineo skirting boards are available in different shapes with a wide range of colours to choose from. Besides a large number of skirting boards, which are ideally matched to the decors, the wineo range of accessories also offers you single-coloured skirting boards that can be universally combined with all designs.

Clip fastening system

In order to fit the wineo skirting boards quickly and easily, we recommend that you use the Clip fastening system.

It enables invisible cable Routing and can easily be removed should you want to paint or paper the walls.

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mark out

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screw on

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put in place


»Cutting and attaching skirting boards to size is a professional matter. With the mounting clips and ready-made solutions for inside and outside corners, also ambitious DIY enthusiasts can dare to mount wineo skirting boards.«

André, Specialist for skirting boards and profiles

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